1st Edition Gym Heroes Box Break On Sale Now!

1st Edition Gym Heroes Box Break

1st Edition Gym Heroes Box Break

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Date for box break: 3/2 @ 5pm PST on Youtube live

$550/pack opened live

$575/pack sealed

Each pack purchased gives you 1 entry to win either a PSA 9 1st Edition Rocket's Scyther or a PSA 9 1st Edition Blaine's Moltres. Winner can choose either card and will be chosen at the end of the live stream.

Chances at rare valuable holo cards like: Blaine’s Moltres, Erika’s Dragonair, Lt. Surge’s Fearow, Misty’s Tentacruel, Rocket’s Molters, Rocket’s Scyther, Sabrina’s Gengar, Holo Brock Trainer, and Holo Lt. Surge Trainer.


Shipping worldwide! Will ship packs out within 72 hours of opening the box. Cards will be sleeved, rares/Holo in a card saver, and put everything in a team bag including the pack wrapper. The team bag will be sealed with a tamper seal.

DISCLAIMER - There are no refunds on this item within 24 hours of break date.